Founded in August 2019 as SincGears, We started with gear sales directly focused on the individual kit, and the "Unit Aloha Shirt". 2020 brought new customers, new products, and COVID. With this in mind, We've expanded our product catalog. We picked up a few trusted brands to sell, as well as selling items like morale patches and slaps. With this new focus we felt the need to rebrand ourselves. We figured we've heard "Goon this" and "Goon that" enough to use a variation of that. The Top Goons site is a virtual storefront for sales. We sell tactical gear, patches, slaps, clothing, etc. The idea for our own storefront was birthed from discussions about gear and patches. We designed products based on our own personal wants and needs. We also figure other people might like them so we throw them up. When it comes to gear; We only sell quality tactical we stand behind and use. Rest assured everything is of the highest quality.

The Top Goons

Paul, Brodie, and Jackson.

In 2015, We all met on a training op in Yuma, AZ. As time went on we all remained friends. 5 years later, We still have a close friendship. Our shared interest in guns, gear, and patches helped form the company. Many of our ideas came from random smoke pit discussions on deployments, evening shooting trips, round table dinner at Cane's, and drunk xbox live party chats. Buy our shit so we can afford to upgrade to Caniac's & Maker's mark next time.